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Clockworks Group is a New York-based media innovation company working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona.


a city named London

It all started when Marc and Ivan decided to start their own film production company in the UK, the company was initially called Dome Pictures and it was based in London. This marked the start of a film and television adventure.


a 2D start

In 2014, Dome Pictures produced a short 1-minute 2D animation short. While it might not seem impressive, this short was produced frame by frame, by hand as a test for the new Colorama Render System.


Colorama Render

After months of trials and errors, Dome Pictures premiered its first 2D animation short: Windows. A small film about life in a large apartment block at night. It was quickly followed by the second short film: Banana Jazz Club. 


Moving to New York

In 2016, it was decided that the company had to start working in the US in order to grow into a full production powerhouse. New York was selected as the home of the new headquarters.

2017 to 2019

3D and first TV shows

During the next two years, the company would start working on 3D animation, Visual Effects, and Television content. In 2018, the Colorama Render system was upgraded to work on 3D animation sequences and Photorealistic CGI scenes. In 2019, Dome Pictures was divided into 3 divisions: Paper Plane Studios, ILP animation Studios, and Nature +.


Clockworks Group

Early 2020 brought with it important changes, the company was re-branded and was named Clockworks Group: home to Paper Plane Studios, ILP animation Studios, and Nature +. With these changes, the company opened a year-round presence in Los Angeles.


LA, NYC and Barcelona

2021 brought again numerous changes: A full stable team in LA allowed the company to launch its most ambitious project yet: Loose Talk (a 3 presenter talk show that travels across the US in search of hidden spots). Clockworks Group also announced the opening of Paper Plane Studios Spain: an EU-based media production branch. Unlike the rest of the offices, the Spanish office will have its own soundstage for a more efficient production workflow.

Our Brands


Paper Plane Studios is the cornerstone of the group. PPE produces both film and television content developed inhouse. Paper Plane Studios is based in LA where the majority of the content is produced.

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Nature+ is our culture, history and nature focused brand. Producing original content and syndicating content from the best publishers, Nature+ content is available on-Demand, on TV, and print media.

ILP Animation Studios

ILP animation studios is the oldest of the three brands, this being founded in 2013 as Dome Pictures Ltd in the UK. ILP animation studios develops, produces and distributes 2D and 3D animated content around the world.


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